Friday, April 18, 2008

Castle High School Needs Your Help

Castle High School's ancient cafeteria is not large enough to accomodate students during their lunch hour. Students who are forced to eat their lunches outside the cafeteria don't mind doing so when the whether is good, but when it rains they either get soaked or skip lunch. Although the legislature has appropriated the money to build a new structure several times in the past no governor has yet released the funds that have been set aside for the project. Since an appropriation is only good for 2 years, if the money is not released during the biennium it lapses and legislators must repeat the entire appropriations process all over again.

The people of Kaneohe need to let the governor know that we want the money released and that it is a priority for our community that our high schoolers be able to eat their lunches without having to worry about the weather. Governor Lingle please release the funds for the Castle High School Cafeteria.

Bill Sager

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