Monday, October 30, 2017

A message from Save Our Neighborhoods

A message from Save Our Neighborhoods
Dear SONnies and Friends of O'ahu's residential neighborhoods,
Please forward this important call to everyone in your email list
PLEASE SEND TESTIMONY, ATTEND AND TESTIFY at this important Council Meeting:
Wednesday, Nov 1  10:00 am  Council Chambers Honolulu Hale (these resolutions are well down the agenda, so you should be safe arriving at 1:30 which is the end of the scheduled lunch recess)
Last week, the Honolulu City Council Committee on Zoning kicked the can down the road to the full council by passing ALL FOUR STR (Short-Term Rental) resolutions to this Wednesday's meeting.
Many of you submitted testimony and testified in-person at the Zoning Committee meeting - thanks very much.  Many of you did not. 
The 9,000 + illegal STRs are not only a blight on neighborhood life, STRs are one of the major causes of high rents and homelessness for the working poor.
These bills are the showdown for our neighborhoods and housing for everyone living O'ahu.  For a quick estimate of how many short-term rentals (STR) are in your neighborhood, click and type in your 5-digit zip code.  Then scout around other O'ahu zip codes and you will see that there are THOUSANDS more.  This site may not be 100% accurate but also does not cover all hosting platforms - many operators are not listed on the major hosting platforms and are not shown.  Remember, most of these are ILLEGAL under Honolulu zoning law and are removing much-needed rental housing from local families.
There are two forces at work here; 1) Those trying to turn our residential neighborhoods into mini-hotels.  They will be supporting 163 and 301.  They include current-illegal operators, those providing services to illegal operators or otherwise making $$ from them, and their political backers who have friends/supporters in this industry, and 2) Those of us working to preserve/return residential-zoned housing for O'ahu's families and insisting that the City enforce the existing law forbidding short-term rentals.  We support 052 & 164.
Resolution 17-052 CD-1 (Menor - our favorite Reso)
  • Changes the basis of the existing law from "provide" (a Short-term rental) to "offer", which will allow advertising to be used as proof.
  • Allows neighbor to go to state court to force the DPP to enforce the law against illegal vacation rentals
  • Fine proceeds to go to the DPP for enforcement
  • Makes DPP’s records on enforcement open to public scrutiny
  • Allow neighbor to directly sue the offending STR operator
  • Requires hosting platforms to report STR property information to the DPP
Resolution 17-163 (Martin - permitting - boo)
  • Adds a permitting process for new TVRs
  • No neighbor community input in permitting process
  • No specified limits on # of permits.
  • Holds owner responsible for advertising content, which cannot be enforced without major investigation effort
  • Adds Enforcement techniques untried and unlikely to work
Resolution 17-164 (Martin - enforcement only)
  • Stricter rules for advertising
  • Makes it easier for City to collect fines and liens against offenders
  • Could be a good starting point for discussion.
  • Some enforcement measures
Resolution 17-301 (Anderson - permitting - boo)
  • No community input. 
  • Would turn R5 neighborhoods into resorts without proper rezoning. Would work against long-term rentals and affordable housing. Also would work against the ADU bills just passed by the city.
  • Who would enforce to ensure that the owner actually lives there and is on site full-time?
  • Forcing people to have to file police complaints means they have to take time off of work to go to court. Puts additional burden on the police and takes them away from investigating serious crime.
This is the last step in the Council.  Resolutions passed will be transmitted to the Honolulu Planning Commission and then back to the Council in bill form for final consideration and then to the mayor for signing into law.
The main problem with enforcement has been lack of political willpower on the part of administration/corporation counsel/DPP over the past 20 years of the Internet.  For example, in a recent letter from the mayor to a neighborhood board member, Caldwell writes: "As you may know, the public is currently divided on whether short term rentals in stable residential neighborhoods is a good idea."   This is just not true.  Over the past 10 years, public opinion has swayed the Council and the Legislature in numerous showdowns that the residential public is adamantly opposed to this invasion of our residential neighborhoods, loss of housing, disruption, and the constant flow of overnight strangers.
Even if you do not sign up in advance or at the meeting, you can still testify after all the registered speakers testify.
For the past 12 years, SONHawai'i has been pushing the city to enforce the land use laws to shut down these illegal hotel operations in our residential neighborhoods.  SONHawai'i's and the residential public's position is reasonable and clear:
That means shutting down the thousands of currently-illegal operations and putting the horse back in front of the cart.  Two of these resolutions (052 & 164) will help make that possible.
One minute PER Agenda item - 4 min total. 
Please also right now Submit the testimony form and add your own comments. This does not have to be word-for-word the same testimony that you give in person at the meeting. Remember, there are FOUR items to submit testimony, so submit the form FOUR times, once for 17-052 (SUPPORT), once for 17-163 (OPPOSE), once for 17-164 (SUPPORT and add comment to combine with 052) and lastly for 17-301 (OPPOSE).  The link to the testimony form is: which is sometimes slow to load - after you 'submit' for one item, hit the  <  (back button) to return to the previous page, change the reso number, fill the form again then click 'submit' again.
Some of last week's testimonies submitted through the above portal did not get posted on the Council website!
So, to make sure that all nine councilmembers see your written testimony, send them all an email of your testimony by pasting all the following addresses in the "to" line of your email:;;;;;;;;
Submit right away so that councilmembers will see it in time!
Please forward this important call to everyone in your email list. Include associations, housing & homelessness advocates, social organizations and neighborhood groups – this affects us all.
   We have prevailed each time in the past, but it takes some effort - especially YOUR effort
Please, help right now to Save O’ahu’s Neighborhoods
Larry Bartley,
Executive Director

Friday, October 27, 2017



Honolulu – A community meeting on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Kailua Intermediate School in the cafeteria. The school is located at 145 S. Kainalu Drive in Kailua.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Executive Officer Toby Clairmont will give a presentation on general disaster preparedness, updates on local shelter locations, information on pet friendly shelters and evacuation plans for the elderly and disabled residents.

In addition, in light of recent concerns reading North Korean nuclear and missile tests, he will discuss what the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) is doing to prepare our state for the nuclear threat, what efforts are being conducted between the counties and what steps it is taking to educate the public and our community. A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

Senator Laura Thielen, Representative Cynthia Thielen, and Representative Chris Lee, as well as the Kailua Neighborhood Board's Public Safety, Public Health and Civil Defense Committee, are co-sponsoring the meeting.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Nuclear Threat Preparedness
2:00-4:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Hale Kuhina 115, Windward Community College

Speaker is:Vern T. Miyagi,
HI-Emergency Management Agency

Mr. Miyagi will discuss what the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is
doing to prepare our state from nuclear threat and what steps it is taking to
educate the public and our community. This is free and open to the public.

Vern T. Miyagi is the Administrator for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA).
Prior to his appointment, Vern served as the Executive Officer at HI-EMA. Vern
is a retired U. S. Army Major General with over 37 years of service and has experience
in domestic and international humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR)
operations and exercises.

During the 1992 Hurricane Iniki operation, Vern served as the
operations officer for the deployed Hawaii National Guard joint task force on the island
of Kauai. At PACOM, he participated in a variety of disaster relief operations and
exercises, including the 2004 Asian Tsunami, UN Peacekeeping/HADR exercises in
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Mongolia, and trilateral disaster
exercises involving the U. S., Korea, and Japan. Vern has served as the State
Coordinating Officer (SCO) for three Presidentially Declared disasters (Tropical Storm
Iselle, the Puna Lava Emergency, and the Maui Iao Valley Flood).

Vern has a BA degree
in accounting and an MBA degree from the University of Hawaii.
This forum is co-sponsored by Windward Community College
and the American Chemical Society-Hawai’i Section

Monday, September 18, 2017

Red Cross Shelter Manager Training

Just a reminder if you haven't signed up for the Shelter Management class on Saturday at the Red Cross Headquarters, NOW is the time to do so! Class registration closes Thursday!
This class is very beneficial for everyone! From new volunteers to deploying volunteers to experienced shelter workers, new knowledge will be gained by all!

There are two two pre-Requisites for this class-(a) Shelter Fundamentals, and (b)Disaster Cycle Services-an Overview.These can be taken online by accessing Edge thru Volunteer Connection.

Course description for Shelter Management  is listed on Volunteer Connection class registration.

SIGN UP NOW!! Don't YOU want to be ready when the next disaster hits?

If you have any questions or problems, I can be reached at 372-2924.

Jeannine Hippchen-Pereira
Red Cross Training Coordinator

Red Cross is critically short of shelter managers to man Windward shelters.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board Creates Committees for 

2017-2019 Term

We need your help. Citizen participation in committees is the only way we are going to be effective. Pick a committee that interests you and volunteer to help.

The Community Engagement Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Bill Sager as Chair.

The Environmental Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Bill Sager as Chair.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Bill Sager and Brandie Berkley as Chair.

The Education Committee was formed.

The Transportation Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Sevier and Berkley as Co-Chairs.

The Planning Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Cypher as Chair.

The Law Enforcement Liaison Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Dawson as Chair.

The Military Affairs Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Radke as Chair.

The Homeless Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Collins and Burbage as Co-Chairs.

The Haiku Stairs Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Sanders, Kaanana, and Berkley as Co-Chairs

The Legislative Committee was formed. Chair Radke appointed Davlantes and Sager as Co-Chairs.

Committee Vision: Chair Radke encouraged Committee Chairs to write a paragraph on the committee’s goals and vision. Sager commented that it should also include a missions statement for their committees.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Poi Board & Stone Making Workshop

Poi Board & Stone Making Workshop

As part of our SurfBlitz program with Surfrider Foundation -Oahu, we continue to offer a workshop correlated to our SurfBlitz events. This workshop will give you the ins and outs on making a poi board and stone (pohaku). These items are used to make a Hawaiian staple, Poi (cooked/processed kalo) and hold strong cultural significance for Hawaii.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
6pm to 9pm

47-540 Ahuimanu Rd.
HI. 96744