Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Schizophrenic Killer Allowed Into the Community with minimal security

A man found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity in the June 2002 death of former Star-Bulletin freelance sports writer Jack Wyatt will be allowed off Hawaii State Hospital grounds unaccompanied by staff.

A Circuit Court judge approved yesterday the hospital's request to grant Cline Kahue, 53, the privilege to go unescorted to a church on Sundays. 'Although this is unescorted, he will not be alone,' said Deputy State Attorney General Jan Futa, noting Kahue's brother James will accompany him while Kahue goes to services off hospital grounds.

What do you think?


Kaneohe Neighborhood Board said...

What would be your opinion if the full details are accurate:

The patient is (presumably) taking his medication under supervision; he will be accompanied (if not "escorted") by his brother; the church-going is reportedly a beneficial part of his treatment, and he will return to the hospital after services.

The headline was misleading. It made it sound like a dangerous patient was being turned loose on the community. That seems not to be exactly the case.

John Flanigan
Kaneohe Neighborhood Board member
Hawaii State Hospital Civilian Advisory Board member

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board said...

I have no problem with his release supervised by his brother provided he is closely supervised by the state to make sure he is medicate.

Bill Sager
Kaneohe Neighborhood Board

Anonymous said...

"State hospital releases another psycho murderer back into the community and fail to warn the victim's family or the community."

Have I got your attention? Seems like the State Hospital has made releasing dangerous patients into the community a regular practice.