Thursday, April 24, 2008

Armed Robbery at Kaneohe Bus Stop Reported

Police are investigating a robbery report from a woman who said she was robbed April 12 at the Kamehameha Highway bus stop by Meli Place (near Kaneohe Elderly Apartments). She told police two men approached her and one pulled a handgun and demanded her possessions. She turned over her handbag, and the men fled the area. See, Bus Stop Robbery

Do you think violent crime is increasing in Kaneohe?


Anonymous said...

Isn't this bus stop within a stone's throw of the Kaneohe Police Station?

Anonymous said...

I'd have to guess that "yes" violent crime is going up and will continue to go up. Look around our town! Take a walk down Kam Hwy. Or better yet... ride the bus! - take the 55 or 65 route and see who's on it with you! I do have empathy for the homeless - but when you have people living in bushes on the side of Kam Hwy, or camping in gulches - or better yet in front of the Post office!, drinking from brown bags at all times of the day... what do you expect? Our town is not what it used to be and the downward slide will continue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous commenter, there is absolutely no control by police or other governmental. Guess Kaneohe will continue to go the way of other communities on far leeward side. Does Kahala or other nearby communities have our problems?--bet not, residents would scream and the police and mayor would react!