Sunday, June 22, 2008

Old Kaneohe Bay Dr. traffic calming

Traffic issues – Old Kaneohe Bay Dr. traffic calming

At our May meeting, community members made a presentation identifying a serious problem with speeding on the old Kaneohe Bay Drive between the Mokapuu extension and with racing on the H3.

In our June meeting, community representatives did a follow-up presentation in questioning the police representative when he made his report. When we ask what enforcement actions they have taken to help reduce the problem, we found that he was talking about the main Kaneohe Bay Drive between Castle high school and the Mokapuu Extension (Saddle Road). We discovered that not only was the Kaneohe police not monitoring the old Kaneohe Bay Dr., because that section is assigned to the Kailua subdistrict, but we also learned that the Kailua enforcement patrols turn around at the H3 overpass. No one is doing speed enforcement on the old Kaneohe Bay Dr.

This leads to a situation which could be best described as a free-for-all. We believe that this misunderstanding has been resolved and that there will be enforcement on the old Kaneohe Bay Dr. The police department must resolve the responsibility for and assign adequate traffic enforcement.

Another important aspect of traffic calming is to reduce traffic on the old Kaneohe Bay Dr. Community members pointed out that many signs as far way as Kamehameha Hwy and Kailua direct traffic toward the old Kaneohe Bay Dr.

Our traffic experts need to take a second look at the signing and figure out the best way to direct Marine base traffic away from Kaneohe Bay Dr. and onto the H3. We will be asking the same questions concerning enforcement activities at our next meeting.


Kaneohe Neighborhood Board said...
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Kaneohe Neighborhood Board said...

Police arm citizens with radar guns. Check it out at click here

Anonymous said...

Racing is wrong, however, some racers feel they need to race bad race drivers who disrupt normal traffic on hwys by cutting in and out with disregard for public recent race resulted with a racer's car blowing out his engine, which not only taught him a lesson, but has put him out of commission and won't be on public hwys for a very long time!