Saturday, September 20, 2008

Documents from KNB mtg 09-08

The following documents from the August Meeting of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board are available by clicking the links below:


The 5Rs program at Castle High School emphasizes Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Relationships and Reillency. The program emphasizes the importance of "the village" in raising a child and asks how we raise our kids.
5Rs Handout

Mayor's Newsletter

Councilmember Barbara Marshal Report

HPD Report
HPD reported that the Kailua Station has been enforcing traffic violations on the old Kaneohe Bay Drive. Last month they issued 11 moving violations and 5 speeding tickets. That is down about 75% from the previous month.

For an excellant website documenting pedestrian accidents click here.

Mayor Handout

PACT Newsletter

The new library at WCC is in the design phase. The Architect made a presentation to the board stressing that the building will be consistent with the existing architecture on campus and it will maximize "green" technology. The complete description can be found at:
WCC Library

A presentation was made by the Board of Water Supply urging Windward Oahu to voluntarily reduce water use by 10%. Watering days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday before 7AM and after 5PM. Details are available at

Deadline for applying for the C&C Property Tax Credit is Sept 30. This credit is in addition to the homeowner's excemption and must be applied for annually. Submit a certified IRS 1040 and if over 75 proof of age.

The tax credit applies to any owner who has a homeowners excemption and makes less than $50K per year. If you are over 75 there is an even better exception offered.

A citizen expressed concern that drinking at school atheletic events is leading to inappropriate behavior and asked that the law against drinking in public parks be enforced.

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