Friday, September 12, 2008

Trick or Treat for Safe Streets

Aloha Fellow Chairs,

At the Conference of Chairs, many of you asked me to forward a flyer and an intent to participate form for the AARP / AIG / McCully- Mo'ili'ili N.B., "Trick or Treat for Safe Streets" event. You will find these forms attached.

McCully - Mo'ili'ili N.B. became involved with this pedestrian safety issue and AARP after our neighborhood was identified as having at least one of the most dangerous intersections in the State. That one of our neighborhood advocates for safety was hit in a crosswalk, furthered our determination. The Honolulu Advertiser series, by Rob Perez also reinforced our intent to be 'proactive' on pedestrian issues.

I was asked to help AARP & AIG in finding our most dangerous intersections on O'ahu, and to help make pedestrians & drivers aware of this, especially before Halloween.

It is an unrealistic task to accomplish alone. Thus I need your help, in identifying the sites and getting out the people.

As Neighborhood Board Chairs, we have heard numerous cases and concerns, monthly, about these sites. Are there 3 or 4 board members, PTA members, senior citizens, church members or anyone in your neighborhood that will hold signs for one hour for pedestrian safety? This is the entire program. Hold signs from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. to remind everyone to slow down on October 30th. One site is fine, but if you want to do four or ten sites, we will get you the signs. Each site needs 3 or 4 people however.

I look forward to many of the Boards joining us on this issue that we hear monthly. Please email or call (227 - 3773 cell) if you have questions / concerns. This is a straight up program, no kauna, hidden agenda and I'm not running for elected office. That it will make all the Neighborhood Boards, AARP and AIG look good, if we save one person, I can live with it.

Aloha & please join us,
Ron Lockwood, Chair
McCully - Mo'ili'ili N.B. #8

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Anonymous said...

Call AIG Hawaii who conducted a study a few years ago. They might share with you their results.