Friday, August 21, 2009

Meeting Notes for 8/20/09

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board Mtg. Notes on Meeting of 8/20/09

This is not the official minutes but only a summary of my notes of the highlights of the meeting.

No action was taken due to a lack of a quorum. Many Boards including the KNB face a problem based on a glitch in the law that prevents a board from filling position for which no candidate ran. We can only appoint a volunteer when a position is vacated by a resignation. The Neighborhood Commission is working on the problem and we hope to be able to appoint volunteers at the October meeting.

The Christmas Parade is scheduled for December 5. Art Machado can use all the help he can get.

Laura Theilen, the Governor's representative, described how DLNR has revised its Recreation Renaissance program. DLNR plans to charge non-residents to access two high use State Parks on each major island and use the funds to finance park maintenance. DLNR also plans to raise recreational boating fees and use those funds for maintenance.

The state is revising flood control maps. It is important that everyone be aware of the changes. If you buy flood insurance before the new maps show you in a flood zone, you flood insurance will be grandfathered in at the rates applicable to your current status.

The Board discussed the pending Bay View foreclosure. It was pointed out that Bay View is the last large area of open space with Bay Frontage. The Kaneohe Master Plan designates Bay View as important green space which can provide much needed public access to the bay. The Board will follow up with our Windward legislators to determine if the property can be acquired for public use.

Environmental Chair Sager announce that:
the Draft Oahu Bicycle Plan is available for comment at Comment period is pau at the end of the month.
The Koolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club is working on a project to identify ahupuaa boundaries. Any kupuna with knowledge of traditional boundaries should contact the club. Any graphic artist who is interested in helping design the signs is asked to call 226-4195.
The Kaneohe Bay Regional Council will be terminated at the end of this fiscal year. The Friends of Kaneohe Bay is being organized to help support the KBRC and act as an advocate for the Bay. Contact Bill Sager at 375-1114 if you want to be an advocate.

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