Monday, September 14, 2009

An alternative CD memo re early warning systems

Alternative Resolution concerning expanding the
Civil Defense siren network in Kaneohe

Whereas, the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board recognizes the urgent need to develop and maintain a system to provide the public with early warning and information in times of impending civil emergencies;

Whereas, the state civil defense agency is responsible for developing and maintaining a system to notify, alert and inform the public of during times of emergencies;

The following memo is a backup position if the first reso fails to pass.

Whereas, civil defense sirens have been an integral part of the civil defense early warning system for many years;

Whereas, the state civil defense agency is now seeking the support of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board with regards to its plan to expand and improve the audible siren system now in place;

Whereas, audible sirens, as an early warning alert system has inherent limitations that reduce its effectiveness as a means of alerting the public in times of public emergencies;

Whereas, newer and alternative technology may now exist that can provide widespread and more inclusive means of providing early warning and information dissemination to the public during times of emergency;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board hereby expresses its strong support for state Civil Defense Agency and its goal of developing and maintaining a system to warn the public during times of emergencies. This board is concerned, however, about the limitations inherent with an audible siren system. While sirens may be useful in some situations this board would like to express its encouragement to the state Civil Defense Agency to consider the use of additional and alternative means, to include the use of electronic highway signage, expanding the use of radio, TV broadcasts, the internet, cellphone networks, and other notification technologies, in addition to the audible sirens that are now in place, to provide the populace with early warning and information during civil emergencies.

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