Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Draft Agenda for KNB Mtg Thursday 9/17/09

The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board had its September agenda planning meeting last night. Members present included Marie Gavigan, John Flanigan, Bill Sager, Myles Yamamoto, Patty Yamashiro, Warren Ditch and Roy Yanagihara. We also had a guest, Andrew Choy, from Townscapes, Inc. who requested time to update the board on the Kaneohe Sustainable Communities Plan.

Following a discussion the following items were placed on the agenda:
Old Business
1. Update on the Kaneohe Sustainable Communities Plan - Andrew Choy
2. Reso to be introduced re Kaneohe Xmas parade - Marie Gavigan
3. Reso to be introduced re whether the Kaneohe NB shall continue to meet at WCC and if so, shall it authorize the payment of $40 monthly use fee.
4. Reso to be introduced re support of proposed legislation to prevent human trafficking - Warren Ditch
5. Reso to be introduced re installation of Civil Defense sirens in Kaneohe - John Flanigan
a. Possible reso to be introduced regarding alternatives to sirens - Patty Yamashiro

New Business
1. Report on trash heap and environmental concerns at or near Kaneohe River bridge - Bill Sager
2. Presentation re proposed wedding chapel at BayView CG
3. Reso re Kaneohe Bay Regional Council - Bill Sager
4. Presentation re rain harvesting - Chris Steele
5. Presentation re Windward Athletics Fundraiser - Shannon Wood

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