Friday, September 18, 2009

Komomai Bar

Aloha Commissioner Kim,

At our Kaneohe Neighborhood Board meeting last night the representative from HPD reported that there have been more incidents involving allegedly intoxicated patrons of the Komomai bar in Kaneohe. You may recall that last year an underaged male who had been drinking at this bar died after being assaulted in the parking lot. We were informed that there has been yet another assault reported involving customers of this establishment within the past month.

As chairman of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board, I am requesting that the Honolulu Liquor Commission review the permitee's history and all incidents that have been reported to determine whether a review of Komomai's liquor dispensing license is warranted at this time and whether that license should be either suspended or revoked for over-serving alcohol and for not taking adequate precautions to prevent incidents involving their intoxicated customers.

The next scheduled meeting of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board is October 15th. Would you kindly send a representative to our meeting to report on your review of the Komomai's liquor dispensing license?

Mahalo for you assistance and inquiry into this matter.

Roy Yanagihara
Kaneohe Neighborhood Board

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