Thursday, December 31, 2009

Illegal fireworks

I would like to comment about the illegal fireworks situation we are currently encountering. Yes, in Kaneohe too, we and our animals have been subjected to the nightly bombs since about Thanksgiving. What makes me especially angry now is that if our state legislators had done the right thing earlier this year, we might not be enduring all this.
Rep. Roy Takumi introduced bills in January to effectively ban all fireworks except in public displays. The House Committee on Public Safety gutted these bills, made them ineffective by negating the intended effect, and passed them on to the House Judiciary Committee. Now we again are suffering through another horrendous holiday season.
We innocent citizens are held hostage for weeks by the illegal actions of a few thugs. The police can't — and at least in Kaneohe, won't — even attempt to do anything and our state government turns a deaf ear.
The House Committee on Public Safety chairperson can be reached at 586-6530. I would urge anyone who is concerned about this situation to call and describe the illegal activities you are experiencing.
Gary Johnson

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Bill Sager said...

We would like to know why illegal fireworks were allowed once more to be launched throughout the entire New Year's Eve day yesterday and now into today. Our entire neighborhood was once again like a war zone last evening (starting well before 9 pm). We had to sedate our dog before 2 in the afternoon, hold her all night long, while at the same time trying to comfort our 3 month old baby girl who was trying to sleep while her house was being rocked repeatedly by what sounded like bombs. We were completely unable to enjoy New Years ourselves due to the noise, smoke, flashes, and constant vibrations rattling windows and setting off car alarms. We are still hearing the booms at 11 am this morning, although thankfully much less frequently.

Who in Honolulu do we need to contact to have the laws enforced? Why do the police not drive around neighborhoods and crack down on their use when the illegal fireworks are so easy to spot? The police department has posted clear guidelines as to what is legal and illegal, yet seemingly appears to take no responsibility in enforcing the laws themselves. Please let us know what can be done to make our neighborhood be a safe and enjoyable place at New Years.


Brad and Stacey Whitten