Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board April 15

HFD fire tip of the month
Take care with propane grills.  Propane is invisible and highly explosive.  If you grill doesn't light in 10 seconds, turn it off, keep it open so the gas can dissipate and wait five minutes before trying to light it again.

Use only approved lighter fluid when ligting charcoal grills.  Do not leave a charcoal grill unattended and make sure the coals are cold before disposing of them.  Mix water into the ash and make sure any charcoal that floats is throughly wet so it sinks.  

HPD reports that safe robberies are up.  Be sure your safe is secured to something solid.

Koolaupoko Watershed Management Plan meeting will be held in Kaneohe at Camp Kokokahi YWCA from 6:30 to 8:30 on May 11.  At the meeting preliminary watershed management and strategies will be explained and public input will be solicited.

Primavera Aquaponics made a presentation about a system they have developed which will make do-it-yourself sustainable agriculture a reality. Check out

Anyone interested in Kaneohe Bay should check out "Friends of Kaneohe Bay" on FaceBook or contact to join and advocate for the Bay.  The Friends of Kaneohe Bay will suppliment the work of the Kaneohe Bay Regional Council.  Legislation passed this year will preserve the Kaneohe Bay Regional Council as the community advisor to DLNR, but DLNR support for the Council has been eliminated.  The Friends of Kaneohe Bay is the organization that will address issues in the Bay.  It is your voice concerning management in the Bay.

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