Saturday, August 21, 2010

Notes on 8/19/10 Meeting

The Honolulu Century bike ride will take place from September 26.  The century ride  is the largest  and oldest bicycling event in Hawaii. This will be its 29th year. The ride is a non-competitive family-oriented event that begins and ends at Kapiolani Park. Riders follow Oahu's Eastern and Windward shores with the option to ride 22 to up to 100 mile distances. The Hawaii  Bicycle League expects 3000 riders. The bulk of those riders will pass through Kaneohe going out at about 8:30 in the morning and coming back at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

Be patient and share the road with the riders.

The Board had asked what can be done for homeless mentally ill people who refuse treatment. The answer is very little unless the court has mandated that they must receive treatment. There seems to be no public mental health treatment provided by any government agency in Hawaii.

Even when the court mandates treatment, the law does not specify who is responsible for providing mental health services. No agency is taking responsibility. The board asked Sen. Tokunda to look into the situation and determine if legislation is needed to mandate a specific agency provide court mandated services.

The Marine Corps  Base   Hawaii has issued a notice of preparation of an environmental assessment to  base two squadrons of aircraft. We received testimony from a gentleman who is very concerned about the additional noise impact which can be expected. The Marines will be holding an informational meeting from five to 8 PM on 26 August at King Intermediate School.

Anita Balch reported on the community security patrol at Heeia Small Boat Harbor. She asked for community help and being alert to the possibility of illegal activities at the harbor.

The second version of the Koolaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan will be presented in a meeting to be held at Windward Community College In Hale Akoakoa Room 105, 6 to 8 PM. This is a very important meeting because this plan will guide development in Kaneohe and Koolaupoko for years to come.  it's important that we watch and comment on proposed amendments to the plan.

The city has entered into a settlement with the courts in which they will provide secondary treatment of sewage to be phased in over the next 25 years. Ikaika Anderson stated that he thinks the mandate for secondary  treatment is a waste of money because UH studies have found primary treated sewage entering sea water is quickly neutralized.

It was announced that Target has acquired their lease in Kailua and their project is moving forward pending submission of and approval of a traffic improvement plan.

 Bill 34 to control the use of fireworks has been deferred. There are many versions of this bill from one which would ban fireworks outride to one which would allow firecrackers and sparklers. Ikaika Anderson quoted a poll which he says found over 60% of  Hawaii's population prefers the status quo.

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