Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A threat to all of us.

KITV on escapes from Windward State Hospital

The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board has been attempting to get answers.  Why are dangerous prisoners be allowed to take excursions where a single supervisor has now power to keep them from walking away?  We have been basically stone walled for over two years.  Basic measures to increase security or to even require the Windward State Hospital security plan are vetoed by Gov. Lingle.

Something is wrong, and no one is willing to even look at how it might be fixed.  Caring for patients at the Hospital is a dangerous job.  I have asked several caretakers if it is as bad as the media makes it out to be.  The universal answer is, "The public doesn't know how bad it is."

We need an independent audit of the State Hospital by people with the authority to investigate problems and make recommendations.  Then we need legislative support to correct the problems.  The only way we get the problem solved is when you get involved.

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