Friday, July 22, 2011

Neighborhood Security Watch Activities

Last night at your Neighborhood Board Meeting we made a presentation encouraging people to participate in the National Night Out being celebrated August 2 at the Target Store in Salt Lake.(top level parking lot)starting at 4:30. The purpose of the celebration is to:
1. Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
2. Generate support for and participation in local Neighborhood Security Watches
3. Strengthen community emergency preparedness and Community-Police partnerships
4. Send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are watching out for each other

thank you to the entire board for their gracious consideration of moving us up on the agenda. I came home exhausted and slept for 10 hours straight!

Last night, we were unable to have our Kaneohe Officer, Vernon Kleinschmidt, with us. He is also sick.
So I called Sgt. Samson today to find out how many active groups there are in Kaneohe.

Right now there are 10 active Neighborhood Security Watches in Kaneohe. Several groups went inactive because the NSW leadership team fell apart for over a year. There were no meetings and many thought the program had died.

In the last 6 months, we have participated in numerous community events, including attending Neighborhood Board meetings, to get the word out that "we are back" and going strong. At our events we are educating people about what NSW is about and how we CAN make a difference. It's working, and of special note, I have had more requests and interests from Kaneohe than any other area!

BTW: We will be in the Kaneohe Christmas parade and we will have a table at Windward City Lights.

Please share this email with the other board members.

I will get you further information about Chief Kealoha's Annual talk to the Community on Aug 25, @ 6:30pm, so that it can also be shared with the Neighborhood Board. If anyone has any questions for the Chief that night, please send them to me ahead of the meeting, so that we can gather facts, stats, etc.

Carlene MacPherson,,236-1234

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