Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Mtg

Come and learn to be ready for any emergency


Develop a partnership with District IV police by opening lines of communication, sharing of information, identify problem areas, developing trust and an environment of cooperation with each other.

Work with the community to establish more Neighborhood Security Watches and Community policing programs and to support and be a resource for these groups.

Through our membership, work with the Hawaii State Legislature, Honolulu City Council and other federal, state and local government agencies, business and community groups to prevent and reduce crime.

Attend seminars and training.

Conduct informational meetings to network and share information with Neighborhood Security Watch coordinators and community policing groups.

Sponsor annual Neighborhood Security Watch Fair to help educate the public about crime and how to deal with it.

Participate in community events to promote and educate the public about Neighborhood Security Watch.

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