Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board meeting Thursday 10/20/11

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board will meet Thursday 10/20/11 at 7pm at Benjamin Parker Intermediate School Cafetorium.

The regular schedule of presentations from community leaders and concerned citizens will proceed the business session.

10.1     New Rules Concerning Ahu O Laka - Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR)
DLNR is proposing the temporary rules forbidding alcohol consumpumsion at the Kaneohe Sandbar be made permanent for all 3 day weekends.

10.2     Koolaupoko Watershed Management Plan Presentation - Bruce Tsuchida, Townscape, Inc

Click here to view the plan.

10.3     Water Rate Increases - Board of Water Supply,
10.4     Emergency Preparedness Report.

Tsunami Readiness Presentation and what has to be done to have Kaneohe Certified as Tsunami ready.  Why should we care?

Neighborhood Security Watch (NSW) organization and HPD support.  Civil Defense tells us that after a major storm we cannot expect Government help for at least a week.  We need to organize our neighborhoods to be prepared to help ourselves and our neighbors.        

11.       NEW BUSINESS
11.1     William Henry Road Sidewalk Project ¨C Angelina K Hoffman

What is the status of the proposal to install sidewalks and curbings along William Henry Road?  Why is it important?

11.2     Inter-island Power Cable and Wind Farm Project ¨C Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric's Vice                        President of System Operation & Planning
11.3     Inter-island Power Cable and Wind Farm Project Concerns ¨C Andrea Jepson

Why is Hawaiian Electric proposing to tie the electric grids of all islands together with a multi-billion dollar undersea cable when so many options to produce firm power locally are available?  What are the potential impacts of windfarm developments on Lanai and Molokai?  What is the potential for geothermal power from Maui?  Is it possible to link the Big Island to Oahu with an undersea cable?  Why is HEI proposing legislation to make the rate payers responsible for cable development rather than finance  through private investment?

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