Friday, April 20, 2012

Board of Water Supply Scam Alert

HONOLULU – The Board of Water Supply (BWS) would like to alert the public about reports of individuals claiming to be BWS employees in order to gain access to private property. The individuals are reportedly wearing green t-shirts that resemble BWS employee attire and have been asking residents to allow them in their homes. The BWS would like to inform the public that all personnel involved in official BWS activities will be properly credentialed, wearing official BWS attire with the BWS logo, driving BWS labeled vehicles, and carrying an official City and County of Honolulu badge with the agency identified as the BWS. Residents are encouraged to call the Honolulu Police Department at 9-1-1 if they observe any suspicious activity. The community may also call the BWS Communications Office at 748-5041 to file an additional report.

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