Saturday, August 4, 2012

MCBH expanded mission and related noise

MCBH held at least four public meetings in Windward Oahu concerning the EIS for the planned introduction of an Osprey squadron on base.  I went to two of those meetings.  They talked about the computer models they used to estimate the noise that would be generated by the Osprey.

I don't remember any discussion of the P8 use at MCBH and I definitely don't remember any discussion of expanded training activities.  

As is so often the case, community opposition is building based on the Final Environmental Impact Statement.  Community members have expressed concern that the P-8 is 4x louder than the planes used in the computer modeling and the models didn't provide for noise echoing off the Pali.  More than anything else the community is not aware that the Marine's plan on substancially increased training activities including night training and night landings at Bellows Field in Waimanalo.

I volunteer at Windward Olelo(King Intermediate School) and when a C-3 flies over the school during landing everything stops - even conversations. If the C-3s make more noise, they will significantly impact the education of King Students.  None of these things where adequately addressed by the FEIS.  What is you opinion?  Leave us a comment.

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