Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kaneohe Neighborhood Board Mtg, 7/18/13

Loren Lasher presented a list of concerns regarding current uses and administrative failures related to Kaneohe Bay.  He asked for KNB support in a community effort to remedy these problems. 


Bottom Line:  We believe there are GROSS abuses by some of the Commercial Operators in Kaneohe Bay.   We need clarification of the rules and enforcement of such rules.  We would like a review of and a renewal of the application of the Kaneohe Bay Master Plan.  Our intent is to work WITH DLNR to resolve these issues.

Specifically, it appears that the Rules are unclear and importantly they are not enforced.  There is a documented INCREASE in the Commercial operations (see photos).

In checking with HAR, Hawaii Administrative Rules which are available online at  and the Master Plan visit
It appears that the rules are unclear. 

We are requesting THREE immediate actions…

1. Clarifcation of the RULES and GUIDELINES for Commercial Operations

2. An AUDIT of all Commercial operations in reference to the Rules and the Kaneohe Bay Master Plan.  And ENFORCEMENT of the Rules.

3. Harbor Agent coverage of Oahu’s Harbors on the weekends.

In addition, immediately, we would like SPECIFIC ANSWERS TO THE FOLLOWING…

1.    The number of Commercial operations – Permits in Kaneohe Bay?  And what is the scope of the each permit?  Who ‘owns’ the permits?

2.    The number and ‘Locations’ on the bay where they are to operate?
A map would do.

3.    The number of Boats at each location?  This would be in the permits

4.    The number of People (customers) at each Location or Per Boat.

5.    The hours of Commercial operations

6.    WHAT IS THE ENFORCEMENT of the ‘rules’



PARKING at He’eia Kea Harbor
There are a number of abuses from the Commercial Operators which affect EVERYONE who uses the Harbor.

1. With an increase of Commercial Operations, there is an increase in the vehicles by the workers.  It is impossible to find a parking place near the restaurant for ‘locals’ to visit.  There is parking abuses from the employees of the Commercial Operations.

2. Busses and Vans are parking in areas designated for vehicles with trailers and in ‘no parking’ areas.

3. With large busses driving and parking in the He’eia parking lot, damage of the pavement has increased.

4. Safety is a major concern with the increase of traffic from the busses and vans.

1. According to the Master Plan ALL Jet Skis are to operate in a designated areas.  Confirm what Commercial Operators have Jet Ski permits.

1. This is a major SAFETY concern as the Commercial Operators have NO SPOTTER or mirrors.   UNSAFE

1.  Kama’aina Kids is a non-profit but their other business, Holokai, Kayak & Snorkel business sure looks commercial???  Kama’aina Kids and Ray are a good thing which we support.  However, Holokai is a tourist/commercial business and is questionable.

2. There appears to be other operations in the Bay, however with clarification of the legitimate operations, we can better identify those who are questionable.
1. As He’eia and other harbors have much recreational weekend use, we find it NECESSARY that we have Harbor Agents present on the weekend.  This is a SAFETY, SECURITY, and SERVICE issue.

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