Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oppose Bill 47 to approve the Koʻolau Loa Sustainable Communities Plan

The Mililani/Waipio/Helemanu Neighborhood Board by a vote of 20-0-0 voted last night that they cannot support proposed changes to the Ko'olau Loa Sustainable Communities Plan (Bill 47) because the revised plan:1)conflicts with the Oahu General Plan policies directing growth to the primary and secondary urban centers; 2) allows for major urban development on agricultural lands outside of the existing urban growth boundary; and 3) fails to consider or mitigate adverse impacts resulting from increased traffic congestion along Kamehameha Highway from Haleiwa to Kaneohe. 

Mililani - Waipio NB 25 has taken a position against Bill 47.
North Shore Neighborhood Board has taken a position against Bill 47.
Kahalu'u Neighborhood Board has taken a position against Bill 47.
Kailua Neighborhood Board has taken a position against Bill 47.
Manoa Neighborhood Board has taken a position against Bill 47.

Ka'a'awa Community Association
Kahana Community Association
Punalu'u Community Association
Hau'ula Community Association
Kawela Bay Community Association
Sunset Beach Community Association
Waiahole-Waikane Community Association
have all taken positions and made Resolutions against Bill 47.

We request that you do not support Bill 47 as revised after the PAC June 2009 revisions DPP accepted and then changed to include:

That essentially means
  1)the addition of a new urban growth boundary on Agricultural lands in Malaekahana on Gunstock Ranch and/or other  Ag properties nearby. That was specifically rejected by the PAC after 2 years of work with the developer entities represented in the PAC;

Laie's expansion into 258 acres of 550 new residential units behind BYU-H had been approved since the early 1990's. Infill on the existing 4,356 PARTIAL COUNT of urban zoned lots already acknowledged  by DPP in the Kahuku and Laie area are not all HRI owned, but to buy Ag  land that needs to be rezoned into a new urban growth boundary to accommodate  a specific developer seems  

2) Turtle Bay Resort 300 % expansion on 851 acres was rejected also by the PAC,

 The Community wants the 5 miles of irreplaceable wild coastline from Kawela Bay to Kahuku Point to continue to be conserved as it is. The PAC allowed for Turtle Bay resort to be in a Special Planning area, and expansion within its existing footprint considered in light of the traffic impacts of the cumulative developments and increasing tourist influx to 7.5 million annually by 2023 (5 million now), plus the amount of housing over 20 degree slope and areas not yet counted of already zoned vacant urban residential lots in Ko'olau Loa that will be developed, but are not yet COUNTED by DPP. The totals increase the resident population by triple, then add the tourists on the sole 2 lane road of about 10,500 a day additional.  

Laniakea and Turtle Beach are not the only traffic congestion area. There is a proposed traffic impact study before the Policy Committee of the OahuMPO now that was voted the number one Overall Work Project for the year by the Citizens Advisory Committee. It is crucial to the area considered by Bill 47.    

We request that you do not support Bill 47 without eliminating these developments. 

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