Thursday, April 17, 2014

CERT training

The Community Emergency Response Team members provide a vital link between emergency managers and the community.  Members receive training and equipment needed to responded to any emergency.  Learn to take care of yourself, your family and your neighborhood.

I just completed a three day intensive CERT training designed to get me started on the road to being a CERT instructor.  It was both an excellent review and instruction on how to conduct classes.

Contact me if you are interested in CERT training.  We need at least a half dozen people who are willing to become part of a CERT team for in each neighborhood of Kaneohe.  The next CERT training starts May 3.

You can help organize you neighborhood by going to  If your neighborhood is not organized, Set up your own neighborhood.  We have people who will help you get started.

You can get more information about CERT at:, or contact Bill Sager. KNB Emergency Chair, at  Put CERT in the subject line.

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Bill Sager said...

There are a lot of broken links on this site, so be patient as you browse. There is a lot of good info here.

For the CERT schedule go to volunteers, or just go here: