Thursday, March 26, 2015

A New Tool For Healthier Windward Living

How are your habits increasing your life expectancy -- or cutting into it? The Blue Zones Project has a new Vitality Compass that you can use to answer the question.

What's In It For You

The Compass helps you calculate your overall life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.

More importantly, it shows the years you're gaining/losing because of your habits AND up to 12 recommendations for longer living.

Better Health, The Ko'olaupoko Way

Kaneohe and Windward Oahu (Ko'olaupoko) were selected earlier this year as the first Blue Zones Demonstration Community on our island. This neighbor-to-neighbor project will work to improve the living environment so that residents can live longer, happier, more productive lives.

Try out the Vitality Compass and share it with your friends!

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