Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial day and Noburo Kawamoto

Memorial Day is a day to honor our veterans.

Noburo Kawamoto is a World War II veteran who fought with the famed 442 battalion.

State bureaucracy prevents him from living with his wife in the Family Foster Care Home of their choice.

HB600 would have allowed he and his wife to live together while the state modified the rules to permit a married couple who do not qualify for medicade to live together in a Family Foster Care Home of their choice.

HB600 got stuck in the Conference Committee when Senator Tokuda, Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, refused to give her approval.

Now it is up to Governor Ige to correct this injustice.  Only he can order the Department of Health to issue a waver which will allow Mr. and Mrs Kawamoto to live out their years in a family care home of their choice.  Call Governor Ige at 586-0034 and tell him you want him to act now to correct this injustice.

We need to honor our veterans, not cause them heart ache.

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