Thursday, July 2, 2015

Have a safe 4th of July

*Press Release, City and County of Honolulu - The City and County of
Honolulu Fire Department asks everyone to do their part to prevent fires and
injuries caused by fireworks:
a. Purchase fireworks from a legitimately-licensed vendor.
b. Supervise children playing with fireworks at all times. Even the smallest
of fireworks can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries.
c. Set off fireworks in a safe area away from dry grass, buildings,
vehicles, and flammable materials.
d. Soak used fireworks in water prior to disposal.
e. If a firework does not work the first time, soak it in water and dispose
of it.
f. Use eye protection when lighting fireworks.
g. Do not carry fireworks in pockets.
h. Do not attempt to light homemade fireworks.
i. Store fireworks in a cool and dry location.
j. Have a water hose connected to a water source or a fire extinguisher
available and close by. Wet down surrounding brush prior to setting off
fireworks if need be.
k. Enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations, have fun and be safe!

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