Friday, August 28, 2015

Hurricanes Approaching Hawaii

We have a pair of strong systems, Hurricanes Ignacio and Jimena, that are quickly approaching Hawaii.

Hurricane Ignacio is projected to come into the waters off of Hawaii on Sunday. The exact storm track is still uncertain, but the storm could directly impact Hawaii with strong winds, heavy rain and high surf.

Days after Ignacio passes through, Hurricane Jimena will also pass through Hawaiian waters. Jimena is projected to strengthen to a category 4 hurricane with winds up to 170 mph.

PLEASE STAY TUNED to the most up to date forecasts for these dangerous storms:
   Sign up with the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management to receive weather alerts by e-mail and text message.
   Download the free ReadyHawaii smartphone app to get alerts, find shelters, learn how to prepare for different types of emergencies and more.
   Download the Red Cross emergency app by texting GETEMERGENCY to 90999.
In preparation for these storms, we will be planning potential shelter openings and conducting damage assessment in coordination with county government. The Red Cross needs trained Shelter Managers and Damage Assessment Teams.   
BE PREPARED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF for a week after a storm. The state Emergency Management Agency offers checklists for a home emergency preparedness kit and a "go bag" to use if you have to evacuate. The Red Cross provides information about developing a family evacuation plan, what to do during a hurricane watch and what to do during a hurricane warning.

Hawaii is a small target in a big ocean, but we are the bullseye. So far the storms have missed us. Hope for the best, but be prepared.

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