Monday, October 12, 2015

Adult Day Care Home, State Hospital Expansion On Agenda For Kanehohe Neighborhood Board

A new adult day care home and expansion of the Hawaii State Hospital will be on the agenda when the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board holds its monthly meeting on Thursday, October 15.
The Board also plans to receive a City-County update on a dangerous crosswalk and to review a community member’s request to remove a bus stop.
The meeting will take place in the cafeteria of Benjamin Parker Elementary School, 45-259 Waikalua Road, starting at 7 p.m.
New adult day care home: The Board’s business agenda includes discussion of a proposed care facility in a home at 46-329 Kumoo Loop. The Mizumoto family presented a plan for the facility at the Board planning meeting on October 6.
State Hospital expansion: The business agenda also includes discussion of a report on the expansion issue that was presented in September by a permitted interaction group of Board members. The report says the hospital and Windward Community College have plans that compete for the same parcel of land. (For full minutes of the September meeting, click here.)
Dangerous crosswalk: The Honolulu Department of Transportation Services will have a representative at the meeting to answer questions about improving pedestrian safety at a crosswalk on the Kamehameha Highway. The crosswalk, at Pahia Road, has been the site of four pedestrian deaths in recent years. Improving the crosswalk is a priority for the Board, which is concerned about delays in the project.
Bus stop removal: The Board has set aside time to hear a constituent’s proposal to remove a bus stop near 45-329 Mealele Street. The constituent says the stop is not needed because two other bus stops are located in the same stretch of road.
The Neighborhood Board agenda also includes reports by the Honolulu Police and Fire Departments, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, elected officials and community organizations. Every meeting also includes agenda time for residents to share concerns and information with the Board.
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