Thursday, June 23, 2016

Neighborhood Board Takes Stand On Voter Eligibility At June Meeting

The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board took action on several fronts at its June 16 meeting. Here’s a quick summary:

Deborah Collins
Voter Eligibility. Acting on a resolution by member Deborah Collins, the Board voted unanimously to oppose a proposed amendment to the Honolulu Neighborhood Plan.  The amendment, to section 2-17-202, would limit eligibility to vote for board candidates to those who had voted in the most recent state primary or general election. That change in turn would limit those who could run for board seats because the city code requires candidates to be registered voters for the board election. Kaneohe Board members said the amendment would limit participation in neighborhood boards instead of encouraging it.

Mahealani Cypher
Board of Water Supply.  Acting on a suggestion by member Mahealani Cypher, the Board voted 13-0, with two abstentions, to create a resolution for presentation at a future meeting to oppose a proposed amendment to the City Charter that would increase City Council oversight of the Board of Water Supply. The amendment would give the City Council control of the Water Supply capital and operating budgets, and allow the City Council to veto property acquisitions. Neighborhood Board members said the changes would unnecessarily politicize the work of the water agency. The resolution will be presented to the Board for decision-making at a future meeting.

Sustainable Communities Plan.  Acting on a request by Ms. Cypher, the Board voted unanimously to seek a one-month extension to the deadline for submitting testimony on the Koolaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan. The Board has appointed a study group to examine parts of the plan affecting building heights around transit stations and expansion of cemeteries in the area. The city has scheduled a final public hearing on the document at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 6, at Pali Golf Course, 45-050 Kamehameha Hwy. However, the study group did not receive a working draft of the document until the night of the Board meeting. The study group plans to meet on Wednesday, June 29, to continue its work.

Other Developments.
  • The Board expressed support for residents of the Puohala neighborhood, who have raised concerns about noise disruptions and health risks from farm animals on their street. Neighborhood residents had told the Board previously that they were having trouble getting any enforcement agencies to take an interest in their concerns. However, at the June 16 meeting, the Board learned that a court hearing on a noise citation over the animals has been scheduled for June 29.
  • The Board also reappointed Nancy Davlantes to the seat for Sub-District 9, Keapuka. She had asked to step aside because of attendance issues but later reconsidered.
Please join us for all of our meetings. If you are unable to attend, you may provide testimony online and contact Neighborhood Board members directly.

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