Saturday, July 23, 2016

Neighborhood Board Approves Report On Community Growth Plan; Also Reappoints Officers

Our July meeting included votes on a couple of issues, along with reports and comments on several more. This post will cover the votes. We’ll cover the rest in future posts.

On a unanimous 10-0 vote, we approved a report by a Board study group about the Koolau Poko Sustainable Communities Plan. This plan will help guide development in Windward Oahu for many years to come.

A permitted interaction group, led by Board Vice Chairman Bill Sager and Board member Mahealani Cypher, developed the Board’s report. It supports the Sustainable Communities Plan “because it preserves the current urban areas and limits future growth for the district of Koolau Poko and the communities of Kane`ohe, in particular.”
However, the report does note community concerns that “should be addressed before final approval by the Honolulu City Council.”  These include two Key Elements: More focus on sustainable food, water and shelter, and greater consideration of the impact of widening Kahekili Highway on growth and traffic congestion.

The report also lists community concerns about 12 specific issues such as open space preservation, parks and community resilience.

The report has been submitted to the Honolulu Planning Commission, which is developing a final version of the Sustainable Communities Plan. The City Council must approve the plan before it takes effect. 

The full report by our study group is posted in the Committee Reports section of this website.
UPDATE: The Honolulu Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday, August 3, to adopt the revised Koolau Poko Sustainable Communities Plan. The meeting is to be held in the Mission Memorial Conference Room of the Mission Memorial Building, 550 S. King Street, in Honolulu.

Mo Radke - Board Chair 2016-17
On unanimous votes, we chose Mo Radke to continue as chairman, Bill Sager as vice chairman and Jon Hanks as secretary. On a 6-4 vote, we chose Felipe San Nicolas to continue as treasurer. The other nominee was Donald Dawson. Neighborhood boards are required to elect officers on or after July 1 each year.

We are so fortunate to have members with the dedication that Mo, Bill, Jon and Felipe bring to their Board jobs. They are respectful, thoughtful representatives of our community.

Please join us for all of our meetings. If you are unable to attend, you may provide testimony online and contact Neighborhood Board members directly.

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Bill Sager said...

The Koolaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan is an important document that will guide the future of Windward Oahu. We invested a lot of time and effort to gather community concerns and convey those concerns for consideration by the Department of Planning and Permitting. DPP has stated that they will seriously consider all public comment in finalizing the plan.