Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Residents Approach Kaneohe Neighborhood Board For Assistance With Dangerous Traffic

Speeding cars and narrow streets don’t mix. That was the message our Board received at its August 18 business meeting.

Residents of the Puohala neighborhood shared their concerns about an increasing number of drivers using Pua Alowalo Street as a shortcut and thrill ride. Resident Carol Lee said the street has a dangerous curve and hill, and has been the site of at least 5 accidents recently.

She said the speeding cars are a threat to the neighborhood’s numerous pedestrians, who walk on the roadway because it has no sidewalks. The walkers include senior citizens, residents in wheelchairs and schoolchildren.

Ms. Lee asked that police increase enforcement on the street, and a police representative at the meeting said he would have officers monitor the area. Ms. Lee also asked that the city add a traffic calming installation such as speed bumps on the street. She said a neighborhood petition shows that 90 percent of residents support those actions.

In response to a question, Ms. Lee said most of the speeding occurs after school lets out. She said that some of the traffic is coming from the Windward City Shopping Center, as drivers seek a quick route back to the Kamehameha Highway. The center has an entrance from the highway but no direct exit. Drivers leaving the center must navigate long lines, u-turns or backtracking through potholed streets to get back on the Kam. Pua Alowalo Street offers a convenient shortcut.

Board members talked at the meeting about forming a work group to investigate long-term solutions for the traffic issue. Board Chairman Mo Radke, member Deborah Collins and several Puohala residents said they would like to be members of the group. The Board plans to consider forming the group at its next meeting on September 15.

More To Come: Our August meeting also included discussion of legislation, the Kaneohe Community Garden, homelessness and more. Watch this blog for updates soon.

Meeting Minutes are available by clicking on this link.

Vacant Seats: Two seats are currently open on the Board. They represent Sub-District 8, Kapunahala; and Sub-District 12, Pikoiloa.The Board is authorized to fill vacancies by appointment. Community members may indicate their interest by contacting Board Chairman Mo Radke or by attending a Board meeting. A map of the district is available online, as is a street index that is organized by sub-district (search for District 30 in the index, then find the sub-district).

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