Friday, March 31, 2017

March Meeting Update: Preparations Moving Forward For New Sewer Line Along Haiku Road

Construction was an important theme at our March meeting. In addition to major waterline improvements (covered in a previous post) we learned that plans are moving forward on sewer work that will affect three busy roadways.
Jim Niermann, a consultant for the city, told us that environmental permits are completed and that bidding is in process for a new sewer line on Haiku Road from Kahekili Highway to Kamehameha Highway. He said the city expects to award bids in May and to begin work in July.
The work will involve trenching along Haiku Road where it serves Windward Mall, a church, an elementary school and numerous homes and apartments. It also will involve connecting the new pipe to pipes on the Kahekili and the Kam.
Mr. Niermann, who is with R.M. Towill Corp., said the new sewer line will handle much higher water flows than the current one. The change should help prevent sewage overflows during heavy rains.
Mr. Niermann also said the project will involve upgrading the Ahuimanu Pre-Treatment Facility to pump more wastewater uphill along the Kahekili. That will enable to city to reduce its reliance on water basins that serve the treatment facility and to keep existing infrastructure available in case of future emergencies.
The basins are used to store water that exceeds the capacity of the current pipes, and the system has been subject to flooding.
Information about the Ahuimanu Pre-Treatment Facility is available online. Click on this link and scroll down to Page 4. The environmental assessment for the overall project is also available online by clicking on this link.
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