Friday, April 18, 2008

22-bed Special Treatment Facility Permit Application Received by State Health Planning and Development Agency

On April 7, I received a postcard in the mail from the State Health Planning and Development Agency informing me that they were processing a permit application for a 22-bed "Special Treatment Facility" to be located at 45-710 Keaahala Road, Kaneohe. The notice caught my eye because I know from past experience that such special treatment facilities can cause some heated debate between the proponents of those facilities and the residents in the neighborhoods where they are located. While the notice offerred me the opportunity to request a public meeting, it went on to say that the request would have to be made in writing on or before April 15. As chairman of the neighborhood board this timeframe did not give me the opportunity to poll my board members to determine if such a public meeting was necessary. I made the decision to request the meeting as a concerned resident, and not at the request of the board, in order to preserve the opportunity to have the public meeting. I have asked the governor's representative to our board to follow-up with the State Health Planning and Development Agency to ensure that my request for a meeting is acted upon. When I am notified of the date, time and location of the meeting I intend to post that information here. So if you think you might be interested in this matter please stay tuned.

Would you be concerned if a "treatment facility" was located in your neighborhood?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a treatment facility would concern me. I'm not sure where that address on Keaahala is exactly - but that area seems prone to questionable activity. My boys play baseball at Kaneohe playground and you really have to be careful somedays in the upper parking lot. There used to be cars parked up there with people living out of their cars - that's not as prevalent, but there are still people hanging around and you wonder what they're up to - it seems like a lot of drinking going on, probably drug activity, too. The whole area really needs cleaned up.