Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fish Replenishment Areas; Ornamental Fish

SB3225 SD2 Measure Title:
Report Title: Fish Replenishment Areas; Ornamental Fish ($)

Description: Requires the department of land and natural resources to establish a network of fish replenishment areas on Maui and Oahu with the option of establishing them on additional islands as warranted in the future. (SB3225 SD2)

The Kaneohe Bay Regional Council received testimony to the effect that the ornamental fish industry has had a major impact on the reduction of certain fish species in Kaneohe Bay.
The bill is opposed by fishermen because the bill could eliminate conventional fishing as well as commercial ornamental fish collection.

The Senate Bill was assigned to three house committees, WLH, JUD & FIN, and has been held in WLH. Bills have to be heard and passed out of all three committees before April 10, so it looks like this bill is dead.

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