Friday, August 22, 2008

Bay View Development Plan

KBay LLC presented a proposed plan to convert much of the Bay View Golf Course into a housing subdivision at the August meeting of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board.

Approximately 30 people, mostly residents who own houses adjoining the property were in attendance. Many openly expressed anger and surprise by the lack of notice they were given saying that flyers were received only a day or two before the meeting. Aside from concerns raised about the short notice, residents questioned KBay's sincerity about wanting to be responsive to community wishes.

Kika Bukowski, who represented the KBay, was unable to respond to questions about the identities of the current owners. One attendee mentioned an article which appeared in Pacific Business News that named Michael Nekoba, Greg Hong, and Tom Enomoto as persons having an interest in the group that now owns the course. Bukowski's presentation focused on the recreational activities that the new development would offer while downplaying the impact that the development would have on community infrastructure. Residents were quick to point out that previous owners had sought to build homes on the same parcel and were rebuffed by the community. Some residents recalled that Pacific Atlas, one of a string of owners, had received approval to expand the golf course that was conditioned upon them setting aside millions of dollars of community impact fees but that they failed to do so.

As a result of the community interest shown at this meeting the KNB set up a new special committee to consider possible options, to track the progress of these proposals and to the community a greater opportunity to be involved in the review process.

This meeting was covered by KITV. You can see their report here KITV report

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Anonymous said...

The State of Hawaii does not initiate any projects not unless it was brought to them to show what can be done in the best interest of the developer(s) and State. Need to get around the zoning change??? You scratch my back and I scratch yours? Common' Kika you should know who is footing your bill...telling the community you don't know who is behind this is already started off on the wrong foot. And you said at the meeting Herb Lee is a very good personal friend ...where was he??? He was involved with Pacific Atlas....AUWE! Something sure smells fishy.....

Anonymous said...

I hope that the neighborhood board does its job and protects the community and does not support this project. The developer has only put in affordable housing so they can avoid some of the steps required for state approval. Nothing in this plan will benefit the community. It will only add to traffic congestion and additional stress on the over taxed infrastructure.