Monday, August 11, 2008


The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board ftp server is now up and running. Documents passed out at board meetings can now be found and downloaded on this blog site. Simply go to our document archive link and select a meeting date. Most documents passed out at that meeting should be listed there. CAVEAT: Documents that were too long may not be in our archive but may be available on another site. For example, EIS publications tend to be over a hundred pages. You should find links here to the documents when they are available elsewhere on the 'net.


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Anonymous said...

Bill, I don't think we were talking about a website, although that is something to consider as well. What we need is an ftp host. This would be more like a hard drive on your computer. The plan is to be able to upload scanned versions of documents that were distributed at our regular meeting in pdf format so that everyone could view them and to serve as an archive for future reference. The documents in the ftp location could be linked to messages in this blog when referred to. Roy

Anonymous said...

Aloha, the C&C of HNL NHCommission has a website for NH Board Agenda and Minutes.

Scanned versions of documents distributed at a regular meeting in pdf format so everyone can view them is an excellent idea, Roy.