Friday, August 1, 2008

Kaneohe Civic Center Parking

The parking lot behingd the Kaneohe Library and Police Station (Kaneohe Civic Center) is still hung up by the huki huki between the state and the county. It looks like the soccer players are going to have to walk from on street parking in order to watch their kids.

This is only one of several projects hung up by lack of state/county cooperation, i.e. the transfer of Kawainui Marsh to the state and a flood control project in Kaneohe.

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Bill Sager,

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Anonymous said...

The private party that owns part of the land behind the Kaneohe Police station offered to sell it to the C&C of Honolulu for the purpose of a public parking lot in 2004. The private property owner wants the land to go for the best public use as possible...not for county/state usage only.