Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old Kaneohe Bay Drive

Aumoana Place is along the old section of KBay Drive and in the middle of a short straightaway on that road. My guess based on resident complaints we've heard in the past is that people crossing the road to get the bus stop are exposed to traffic that is trying to speed along that short and narrow stretch of straight roadway.

Moreover, what is being requested is a mid-block crosswalk similar to the type that HPD has noted to be very dangerous. I am concerned that just painting a crosswalk at that intersection might give pedestrians a false sense of security. Motorists in the habit of speeding along that stretch of highway will probably not slow down just because a crosswalk has been painted on the roadway.

If a crosswalk is justified based on the number of pedestrians that need one there, would other traffic calming devices also be installed? Flashing lights, bumpy strip, etc.?

Note added by Bill Sager,

The problem of speeding is compounded by the view of the road being obscured by the hill. See the picture above. Site distance to the crossing after coming over the hill is about 150 feet. It is truely a scary place to cross because a pedestrian cannot see on coming cars in time to clear the roadway. A car going even 40 mph, not unusual on this stretch of road, will have trouble stopping by the time they see a crossing pedestrian.

I believe a speed hump at the top of the hill will slow down traffic and allow a safe pedestrian crossing. Please do not wait till someone is killed.

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