Friday, August 27, 2010

Fights, Castle High School

Residents who live along Ihilani street near Castle High School say violence in their neighborhood has escalated.

"It's like swarms, they come in a swarm, they move around and then they just block the whole road," says Carol Paaoao, Ihilani street resident.

     Video posted on-line of fights erupting on her street.  The brawls attract dozens of onlookers.

"You'll have up to 50 or 60 kids down here to watch two kids fight," said Brian Bianchin, Ihilani street resident.

     Bianchin and his neighbors say cars can't even drive up their street because of the crowd.  And they say the fights began once school went back into session.

"And the minute the bell rang you could hear the sound from school," says Carol Pikulski, Ihilani street resident.  "Here they were it was a repeat of last Wednesday."

"Last week I think it was Wednesday, happened again Thursday, happened again Monday, then yesterday another one, this morning another one," says Paaoao.

     The Honolulu Police Department says Kaneohe officers responded Wednesday to multiple calls of a fight, but when they arrived the fight was broken-up.  HPD says that's usually been the case when officers have responded to similar calls.

"I'm tired of it, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sick and tired of it," says Paaoao.

     Castle High School Principal Meredith Maeda says the school has been alerted of fights taking place off-campus.  But says the school doesn't have jurisdiction.  The Administration is working to find out which students are involved.

"They can say it's not on their campus, but you know it's their kids," says Bianchin.

     Many on this street say they are frightened to intervene.

"Somebody is going to get killed here.  Somebody was down on the ground, they were getting kicked and to stand in my kitchen and not be able to do something was just frustrating. I was afraid to go outside," says Pikulski.

     Residents are banding together hoping someone steps up to help.  They plan to bring the issue before both the Neighborhood Board and School Board.

Reported by: Brianne Randle
Last Update: 8/26 10:15 pm

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