Friday, September 10, 2010

Koolaupoko Sustainable Community Plan

I attended the Second Scoping Meeting for the Koolaupoko Sustainable Community Plan (KSCP) on 9/9/10.  Almost all the questions focused on the proposed expansion of Hawaii Memorial Park.

The bottom line of all the questions was zoning issues. I felt the answers given where very confusing with lots of irrelevant information given to simple complicate the answers. So, after the meeting, I researched the zoning and found that part of the existing cemetery is P-2 and part is AG. The undeveloped portion is zoned conservation by the state and P1 by the county.  P1 is administered by the state and uses within P-1 zoning require a CDU permit. The land use commission rules on all CDUAs. therefore, any change in wording in the Koolaupoko  Sustainable Communities Plan is immaterial and only reflects what already existed in the county land-use ordinance.

 The whole thing was a big hullabaloo over nothing.  Only the Land Use Commission has jurisdiction over uses permitted on P1 zoned land.  The LUC has already ruled against the proposed cemetery expansion.   It is probable that when the make up of the LUC changes the Hawaii Memorial Park may re-submit their Conservation District Use Application.  Opponents of the expansion are afraid that the change in wording in the KSCP will make it easier for the LUC to approve a re-submitted CDUA.

It should have been made clear at the meeting that cemeteries are not a permitted use on State Conservation Zoned land.  The city ordinance specifically states that State Conservation Zoned land is administered by the state and is zoned P-1 by the county.

The following resolution was passed by the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board in February 09.  A similar resolution was passed by the Kaneohe Bay Regional Council.

WHEREAS, the property known as Tax Map Key 4-5-33 portion  001, currently owned by Hawaiian Memorial Park, SCI, zoned in Conservation; and
WHEREAS, Hawaiian Memorial Park, SCI is seeking to change the zoning to Urban and expand their operation; and
WHEREAS, our constituents and Legislators Senator Jill Tokuda and Representative Ken Ito, overwhelmingly desire to keep the land zoned in Conservation District; and
WHEREAS, the Ko`olaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan (KSCP) currently does not permit development of the conservation-zoned property; and
WHEREAS, the Ko`olaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan (KSCP) states that “The Ko1olaupoko sustainable Communities Plan…is one of eight community-oriented plans intended to help guide public policy, investment, and decision-making through the 2020 planning horizon.”; and
WHEREAS, the KSCP states that the Ko`olaupoko region is “envisioned to remain relatively stable. The plans for those regions have been titled “Sustainable Communities Plans’ and are focused on serving as policy guides for public actions in support of that goal. The vision statement and supporting provisions of the Ko`olaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan are oriented toward maintaining and enhancing the region’s ability to sustain its unique character and lifestyle.”; and
WHEREAS, the adjacent neighborhood currently suffers from flooding during heavy rains; and
WHEREAS, Hawaiian Memorial Park (HMP) Draft Environmental Impact Statement 9DEIS), plans to retain only “additional” runoff per City and County drainage standard of a 10 year, 1-hour storm level, more water would exit the HMP property than under the current undeveloped state; and
WHEREAS, on July 23, 2007, more than 200 people attended a Kaneohe Neighborhood Board sponsored community meeting to voice their opposition against the development plans; and
WHEREAS, the Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery  Expansion Draft Environmental Impact Statement received over 100 written comments in opposition to the development; there
BE IT RESOLVED, that the majority of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board No. 30, the constituents represented, and Legislators Senator Jill Tokuda and Representative Ken Ito, are opposed to the petition for changing the zoning designation from Conservation to Urban and for the planned expansion/development of Tax Map Key 4-5-33 portion 001; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that is resolution be forwarded to the State Land Use Commission and any other agency where the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board No. 30 position will be considered.
ADOPTED by Kaneohe Neighborhood Board No. 30 at its regular meeting of February 19, 200, by a vote of 9-3-1.

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