Friday, August 19, 2011

Report on Kaneohe Neighborhood Board Mtg of 8/18/2011

This is not the official minutes of the meeting, But is some of thing things one member thinks may be of special interest to you.

The KNB will be sponsoring and Emergency Preparedness presentation at the Windward Hoolaulea on October 1.

C&C to build sewage bypass.The EIS for the court mandated sewer connection between Kaneohe and Kailua has been accepted. The preferred alternative is a gravity tunnel under Oneawa Hills. However, this alternative will take longer to construct and must be approved by the Court which had set a 2014 deadling. Construction is expected to start in 2012 and be completed by 2018.

In a presentation by C&C Department Environmental Services they explaned that the sewer odors that are emanating from various locations along a force main are caused by an inverse syphon which occurs under Kamehameha Hwy and the to the on and off cycle of the Ahumanu force main pump. They are using several technics to attempt to resolve the problem.

On 8/24 the MCBH will be conducting training and the airport will be open from 5:30am to midnight. Expect increased aircraft activity and related noise.

Pedestrian Month. HPD informed us that during Pedestrian Month they will be focusing on pedestrians who cross a street illegally. Then they dropped a bomb shell. We all know it is illegal to cross against the orange palm, but did you know it is illegal to enter the crosswalk when the flashing countdown has started. Even if you clear the crosswalk before light turns green you are still in violation and can be ticketed.

The Neighborhood Commission is updating its mailing list. They urge you to save the county money by receiving an email copy of meeting notices. Go to: and sign up for the free service.

If you want to continue receiving the printed notice by mail call Theona Kapoi at 808-768-3779 or email

Anyone who has not re-registered will be dropped from the mailing list.

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