Friday, October 19, 2018

Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetary Expansion

The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board accepted the Planning Committee's Report on Hawaii Memorial Park's draft EIS at its 10/18/18 meeting. Deadline for submitting testimony is 10/23/18.  The OEQC announcement follows:

Submit testimony to:
Send copies to:

October 18 Meeting

Well we had our October meeting last night.  The picture above is a list of requested donation items by RYSE Hawaii.  If you aren't familiar with RYSE they are a shelter for the young homeless population, between 18 and 24.  At our last meeting they were asked to for items that they could use so they created a donation list.  Their number is listed on the bottom as well.  Just in case the list isn't readable I will give you it typed out in this post as well:

  • socks
  • underwear for both genders
  • towels
  • razors
  • big hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  • musical instruments
  • milk, eggs, butter, yogurt
  • utensils, cups, bowls
  • 39 gallon trash bags
  • laundry detergent
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • gift cards
  • movie tickets 
  • saimin
  • spam
To get a hold of them you can call RYSE at 808-4978-5180 or go to their website at

The rest of the night was productive.  Both HSTA and the Affordable Hawaii Coalition PAC had people present their perspectives on the Constitutional Amendment which would grant the state legislature the ability to tax investment properties for education.  There was a lot of heated debate.  

HSTA's official, Micah Pregitzer, spoke about how just with raw math currently the budget for education provides about $11,000 per student and that with building upkeep and maintenance that it doesn't go very far.   He also talked about how we have a teacher shortage and many classes have to rotate substitutes as well as pointing out that we are the only state to not have an education property tax

Hawaii Coalition PAC's rep, Stanley Lau, spoke to a lot of fears surrounding the bill on what the definition of investment property will be and that we shouldn't be granting the legislature a power like this.  He referenced the hotel tax, which was originally done to build the convention center and is still there even though the convention center is built.

It was obvious that the room is divided on this issue so we will have to see what the community wants once it goes to the polls.

For board business the board passed a resolution against the Wong Residence which will be presented as our opposition to them being able to get a permit for the illegal work they have done on their property.  This has been an area of frustration and anger in our community so we will see if our local government decides to give the resolution some teeth.

On happier notes a new member was elected to the board, Trenton Oshiro, who we welcome and look forward to working with.

Our committee for the Hawaii Memorial Park Expansion reported back on their meeting.   They stated that the developers have done more work than most developers they have encountered to address the community concerns with the plan and to mitigate potential impacts.  There were still many community members unhappy with the plan.  It was unclear based on the discussion if there will ever be a plan that some members are ok with.  On one hand the committee said they addressed all the previous concerns and then on the other some community members still are not happy.  I don't know if there will be a resolution that everyone can live with, but we will continue the conversation and see.  The board chose not to take a side on this issue yet, but is reporting it's findings to relevant officials.

The neighborhood board committee reminded us that there will be board elections in the next coming year.  December through February will be the time to register.  In March profiles online profiles will be created.  April through May will be the time for voting.  In June the tabulation will occur with the new board taking over in July.

That was a very productive meeting.  We hope you attend next month when we will have DTS there to speak about various concerns we have in the community and then of course December is our fun pot luck meeting!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

We had quite a few people bring up important issues at last months meeting and in response our chair has created a flow chart to view how the normal process of getting a resolution through the neighborhood board goes.  To be clear anyone in the community is free to draft a resolution you just need to get a board member to introduce it.

You'll see at the top once an issue is brought to the board their is a discussion and then there are two routes to getting a resolution for the board to take action on.

In the first route the committee takes this issue up and has a normal committee meeting open to the public and then drafts a resolution which is then presented to the board for a action.  If you take this route a resolution can come into being in 2 normal board meetings ( 1 for introduction of issue, 2nd for the board action) and a committee meeting happens in-between the two.

The other option is the board can vote to form a Personal Interaction Group (PIG).  If using a PIG then the PIG members can form meetings and have communication over the issue whenever they want and then they must report all findings and recommendation of actions to the board at a normal board meeting.  This route takes a little longer to accomplish, because the 1st meeting the issue is brought to the board, the 2nd meeting the board votes to approve the PIG and then the 3rd regular meeting the PIG can present it's findings and resolution. 

We had multiple issues brought up last meeting and we have multiple issues we will be discussing this month as well as resolutions for various items that will be voted on.  Also people from both sides of the Constitutional Amendment debate will be presenting and leaving room for questions.  October is shaping up to be an exciting meeting so make sure you are there to lend your voice.

Friday, September 21, 2018

September 20, 2018 Meeting

Another month and another meeting.  Last night there was many good community concerns brought up.  Sherri Thomas with Hawaiiana Property Management shared about bulk pickup trash concern where people from outside of her community had been coming and leaving bulk trash items on their  curbs completely obstructing their sidewalk.  She mentioned witnessing one child, who was skateboarding, trying to go around this and almost being hit by a car.  This is a huge safety concern, and one that is not unique to anyones neighborhood.  This is an opportunity for us as a community to start organizing and determining actionable solutions.  Ideas and action plans are welcome.

Mitch Rosen, a member of the board of Directors of Haiku Gardens, brought up another safety concern in regards to the exit of the the parking lot of one of the complexes to Haiku Rd.  Mr. Rosen provided pictures to show that the way Haiku Rd curves at this exit, coupled with the parking on the street as well as a large telephone pole that blocks visibility to oncoming traffic makes coming out extremely difficult.  Residents have reported that cars tend to speed up on this street so this couples the complexity of the safety hazard.  Given that this is a complex with up to 200 vehicles entering and leaving every day the community would like to see some form of solution to address this.  Suggestions have been speed bumps before this driveway to slow oncoming traffic, concave mirrors opposite the driveway to help ensure visibility, and pushing back the parking in front of these driveways so as to unobstruct the view.  Mr. Rosen also mentioned that the board has been 3rd of 4th stop to try to get some action on this item.  The board will have our committee member responsible for the transportation and a representative of this community try to reach out to her contacts about what options are possible, and then next meeting we will discuss about putting together and action group of some form with the intent of hopefully writing a resolution.  

On some positive news the board was thrilled to be able to give out an award to acknowledge the hard work of Bill Dixon who in the past has done exceptional work on his community outreach for the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board by really rejuvenating our blog and aiding us in getting information to residents before minutes went through the process of being approved and published.  

Next month will be an exciting meeting.  We have representatives on both sides of the issue of the Constitutional Amendment on taxing investment properties to bring in more money for schools coming to speak to the board and the community on their stances.  Please think of attending to get the information on this important question being asked this coming election.   The next meeting will be October 18th at 7PM in our usual location, the cafeteria of Ben Parker Elementary School.  Also there is a scheduled community planning meeting for Hawaii Memorial Park which will be held on October 3rd, 7PM at the Ko'olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club (46-005 Kawa St. #104, Kaneohe, HI 96744).  If this is something you are interested in please think of coming and lending your voice to this as well.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hawaii Memorial Park Environmental notoce

September 8, 2018
The Environmental Notice
Hawaiian Memorial Park Expansion--Draft EIS
HRS §343-
5(a) Trigger
(7) Propose any reclassification of any land classified as a conservation district
(1) 4-5-033: por. 001
State Land Use District Boundary Amendment, Grading Permit
Land Use Commission, State of Hawaiʻi
Mr. Daniel Orodenker, (808) 587-3827,
235 South Beretania St., #406, Honolulu, HI 96813
Hawaiian Memorial Life Plan Ltd.; 1330 Maunakea St., Honolulu, HI 96813
Mr. Jay Morford, (808) 522-5233,
HHF Planners; 733 Bishop St., Suite 2590, Honolulu, HI 96813
Mr. Ronald Sato, (808) 457-3172,
Statutory 45-day public review and comment period starts.
Comments are due by October 23, 2018.
Please send comments to te approving agency/accepting authority and copy the applicant and the consultant.
Hawaiian Memorial Life Plan, Ltd. (Petitioner) owns and manages Hawaiian Memorial Park (HMP), a cemetery located in Kāne‘ohe on the Island of O‘ahu. HMP provides the community with burial plots and multiple interment options. The Petitioner proposes to expand HMP given growth in O‘ahu’s aging population and demand for ground interment and inurnment spaces. Currently, less than 6% of individual HMP plots are available. Therefore, the Petitioner is asking the State of Hawai‘i, Land Use Commission to reclassify 53.45 acres of their larger 164.4 acre property from the State Conservation District to the Urban District, allowing cemetery expansion to meet future needs. The property intended for reclassification is referred to as the “Petition Area.” The Proposed Action involves two components: 1) expansion of HMP to include 28.2 acres of new cemetery space; and
2) creation of a 14.5-acre Cultural Preserve northeast of the cemetery expansion area. Remaining portions of the 164.4 acre property surrounding the Petition Area would remain undeveloped. A conservation easement is proposed to be placed on 156.5
acres of the larger parcel (less HMP’s 7.9-acre Ocean View Garden section), restricting future development except for development of the Proposed Action


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hopefully my last post about Hurricane Lane

Lane got battered by a high level shear combined with an unusually deep jet stream. That 1-2 punch weakened the storm in just an afternoon. We can still have some localized flooding and heavy rain but it looks like we dodged the bullet again.

Take this as an exercise in preparedness. I have three in my family. I need to be prepared for two weeks off the grid. 3 gallons of water a day times 14. That is close to 50 gallons. I have that in a big plastic container that fits in my bath tub, but I want to add a portable forward osmosis water filter that can convert sea water to potable water.

Just understand that without electricity the Board of Water Supply cannot pump water to their tanks. You will have to have your own stored water supply. Understand that we have about 5 days supply of food on Oahu. The Coast Guard closed Honolulu Harbor on Thursday. You need to have a food supply for at least 2 weeks.  You need to stock up on any medicines you will need.

Filling stations cannot pump gasoline without power.

Do you have the camping equipment you need to cook without electricity?

Homes older than 1996 will be severely damaged in a Category 2 storm. Where will you take shelter? Have a plan. If you have friends that live in a reinforced concrete building, arrange to visit them. Two shelters opened in Windward Oahu. That is a capacity of less than 2000 people. If you can afford to, build a safe room in your house.

Have money on hand. ATMs don't operate without power. Have small bills because vendors will probably run out of change.

the elderly are most at risk. Know who in your neighborhood is mobility limited or has other critical health needs.

Get CERT Trained. Check this website for information about community resilience activities that can help us prepare for the next storm.

If you have a business, have a plan. Make sure your employees understand you plan. If possible arrange to shelter your employees and their families. That way they will be available to help your clean up and get back in business.

Have a plan for what your family must do to prepare for the next storm. The better prepared you are the more comfortably you and your family can survive. How well you can prepare depends on how much discresionary income you have. That is a problem for most of us.

If you cannot do anything else, buy a few extra cans of food each time you go to the store. Collapsible water jugs take very little space to store and cost less than $10.

Be prepared to take care of yourself. The Government is not going to help you.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Hurricane Lane - 180824 Friday 2am

Hurricane Lane is a slow moving storm tracking north at 5 mph. Its center is south of Maui. It is expected to turn west sometime today or tomorrow. How far north it moves before making the turn will determine how severely the main Hawaiian Islands are impacted. Tropical storm force winds are not expected to affect Oahu till early this evening. Expect loss of electric power. Heavy rain and flash flooding will happen. If you are in a flood zone know that it is called a flash flood because flooding will happen in a flash. GET OUT OF FLOOD ZONES before the storm hits.

1. It is vital that you do not focus on the exact forecast track or
intensity of Lane, and remain prepared for adjustments to the
forecast. Although the official forecast does not explicitly
indicate Lane's center making landfall over any of the islands, this
remains a very real possibility. Even if the center of Lane remains
offshore, severe impacts could still be realized as they extend well
away from the center.
2. Lane will pass dangerously close to the main Hawaiian Islands as
a hurricane on Friday, and is expected to bring damaging winds.
Terrain effects can cause strong localized acceleration of the wind
through gaps and where winds blow downslope. These acceleration
areas will shift with time as Lane passes near or over the islands.
Winds will also be stronger at the upper floors of high rise
3. The slow movement of Lane also greatly increases the threat for
prolonged heavy rainfall and extreme rainfall totals. This is
expected to lead to major, life-threatening flash flooding and
landslides over all Hawaiian Islands.
4. Large and damaging surf can be expected along exposed
shorelines, especially along south and west facing coasts, with
localized storm surge exacerbating the impacts of a prolonged period
of damaging surf. This could lead to severe beach erosion.