Monday, September 14, 2009

Reso supporting Civil Defense Siren Upgrade

This is on the KNB agenda for the Thursday 9/17/09 meeting.

INTENT: This resolution intends to support the Hawai‘i State Civil Defense’s mission to upgrade the siren warning system within the Neighborhood Board District.

RATIONALE: The existing outdoor warning system is not adequate in some areas to warn Kane‘ohe residents should there be an emergency.

PLAN OF ACTION: State Civil Defense to upgrade sirens that are in poor condition, and add sirens in new locations with solar-powered sirens to enhance and increase siren warning coverage for Kane‘ohe residents. Solar-powered sirens will be able to operate in the event that electrical power is down during or after a storm event or earthquake.

ACCOUNTABILITY: State Civil Defense will coordinate the installation of the sirens, and the City & County of Honolulu Department of Emergency Management is responsible for siren maintenance and operation.

Now therefore be it resolved that Kane‘ohe Neighborhood Board District 30 supports the efforts of Hawai‘i State Civil Defense in its mission to upgrade the siren warning system by replacing outdated sirens with solar-powered sirens and adding solar-powered sirens in new locations to increase the siren warning system within the Käne‘ohe Neighborhood Board District.

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