Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm a member of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board and have been watching the flurry of communications regarding the DEIS with interest.

Personally, I think the great deficiency in the DEIS is in the way they analyze potential noise problems.  Averaging the dbh over a 24 hr period doesn't properly reflect the problem. Over the years I've gotten numerous complaints from my constituents about being woken up by blasts of noise from low flying helicopters or from the roar of jet engines while fuel was being burned off.  It always about how loud they were blasted by noise and for how long.

People have no experience with the noise generated by an Osprey.  They have not experienced the affects of expanded operations.  Kaneohe people are very supportive of the Marines.  We tolerate the noise as a necessary part of their operations, but there is a limit of that tolerance and many people are concerned with how much impact the changes at the Marine Base will have on them.  Many others will not become concerned until they have experienced the real thing.  Then the Marine Corps can expect a very serious negative reaction.  I sincerely request that the DEIS more adequately address the noise issue and recommends ways to mitigate the impact on our community.

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Anonymous said...

Kaneohe Bay is NO place to do this amount of military aircraft training. I live on the Bay and sometimes literally stand in fear waiting to see if some aircraft is crashing into my house.

I have looked up on many occasions and can literally read the information on the bottom of the planes.

We cannot have conversations in our house when this starts nor can we hear our televisions at a reasonble volume.

Children have a hard time concentrating while doing their homework.

My husband was in Iraqi. This Bay is NO place to conduct this type of training. Sure, our troops should have the latest and greatest equipment BUT they should also train in the harshest of conditions to prepare for any conflict; NOT in some neighborhood Bay. This type of aircraft and training would be more appropriate in the deserts of Nevada; not in highly populated areas with families of small children. Let's not try to use "our troops" in this scenerio.

Our foundations of our houses are being compromised. The Hilo earthquake I felt in my house that had HECO shut down all electricity on Oahu a few years back was nothing like I feel when the vibration starts from the Marine Corps Base.

Our children's hearing is being compromised. My small children cry when some of the aircraft go over our house. They cannot get 8 hours of rest for this constant noise and vibration. It vibrates our beds.

Check out the road going off the Marine Base to the "Back Gate". There's a sign posted that says "No formation running past this point prior to 0700. No chanting past this point at any time". Come on!!! You cannot possibly compare singing Marines to aircraft on top of your houses.

Supporting our troops does not mean that our children have to be deafened and our property ruined. I HAVE falling rocks on my walls and a broken glass in my window from this.

Supporting our troops means giving them the equipment and training they need in the appropriate environment.

Try looking out the window at dark and see these "headlights" heading towards your house with the aircraft banking just prior to your rooftop. Try laying in bed at night to the sound of some loud aircraft heading towards your house not knowing if it's crashing.

Our nerves are on edge. Our children cry at night.

How can anyone say that this is not bringing our property value down. IT DOES!!!

Again, this Bay is not the appropriate place to do this type of aircraft training inside a Basin...the noise bounces off the Koolaus.

Come on...support our troops??? We're retired military. This has NOTHING to do with supporting our troops. Should we loose our hearing and the hearing of our children when this training can be done more appropriately somewhere else.

How can anyone expect us to endure the C-17's from Hickam constantly circling the Bay. Let them train over there. Train on the Big Island at "PTA". The Coast Guard even cirlces in the Bay. This Base has become, or is trying to become, a full fledge airport for all the branches of the service. Who's behind it??? Try researching that one.

The Base has "quiet hours" for the people who live there. What about quiet hours for the community??? The Base is not respectful about this at all. There is absolutely NO REASON to test engines in the middle of the night.

How about respect for the community. Shame on you!

Did someone over there get out of the military and now has a DOD job at the flight line???