Monday, October 8, 2012

WCC Hoolaulea 10/6/12 - The Hoolaulea went well. We were represented by the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board, the American Red Cross and Self-reliant Dry Foods. we had a pretty constant stream of visitors.

The Red Cross was there to respond to questions about shelters, training and recovery in general.
The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board pitched community resilience and CERT training and Paul, who is a member of our Emergency Preparedness Committee, talked to people about being prepared to feed their families when there is a disruption of our supply lines.

The ham radio guys had a statewide exercise and weren't able to participate. All the other organizations I invited chose not to rent their own tables. Perhaps next year with more lead time, we will be able to have more organizations participate. Even so, with the American Red Cross talking about recovery, the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board pitching individual responsibility and Paul pitching the need for an emergency food supply, we got an important message out to a lot of people.
We need community volunteers who want to work with us to make their families, their neighborhoods and our community more resilient, more able to bounce back from adversity.  Those who want to help should contact Bill Sager at 258-4019 or
I want to thank Crystal Van Beelen at DEM for providing literature and other hand outs.  Her materials proved very popular.  I hope she has a lot of people volunteer for CERT training.


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