Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Impact Of Tunnel Trucks May Speed Road Repairs

Concern is growing about street damage from the new Kaneohe-to-Kailua sewer tunnel.

The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board learned at its March meeting that the city likely will speed up a plan to repave Kulauli Street because of damage caused by heavy trucks working on the project.

Street Serves Neighborhood, School

Kulauli Street runs through a residential neighborhood and past Puohala Elementary School before ending at the Kaneohe Regional Wastewater Pre-Treatment Facility. The pre-treatment facility is one end point for the tunnel, which will carry sewage to a treatment plant in Kailua.

When competed, the tunnel's 3-mile route will take it southwest from the pre-treatment facility and under Kaneohe Bay Drive. Then it will make a gradual turn under the Oneawa Hills until it heads northeast to the Kailua plant.

Project Designed To Cut Pollution, Protect Bay

The tunnel project is expected to cost $200 million. It is part of an agreement between the federal government and the city to reduce sewage pollution and protect natural resources such as Kaneohe Bay.

The construction management team has set up a hotline for the tunnel project at (808) 445-9079 and info@kktunnel.net.

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