Monday, March 28, 2016

John Flanigan To Step Down After 12 Years As Member Of Kaneohe Neighborhood Board

Longtime member John Flanigan is stepping down from the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board. The resignation will take effect at the Board’s April 21 meeting, when the group plans to recognize Mr. Flanigan for his service.
John Flanigan has served
 on the Kaneohe Neighborhood
 Board for more than 12 years.
Mr. Flanigan’s decision brings to a close a career that started with his appointment to the Board in January 2004. The appointment came after several opportunities to testify before the Board about community problems related to trespassers on the Haiku Stairs.
“It was obvious that the issue would continue to come before the Board,” he said, “and I was concerned that there was a lot of misinformation being bandied about on the issue.”
After joining the Board, Mr. Flanigan served on its Haiku Stairs Committee. He also served on the Civilian-Military Advisory Committee at Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay and on the Citizen's Advisory Committee at the Hawaii State Hospital.

'Simplifying my life'

Asked about his decision, Mr. Flanigan said, “My reasons for (reluctantly) resigning from the Board have to do with simplifying my life so I can spend time doing the things that a retired person is supposed to do: memoirs, revitalizing relationships with family and friends, organizing the tons of memorabilia that my heirs don't want left to them to do. I'll be 83 on Sunday [March 27], and even if I live another ten years, that will still probably not be enough time to do a complete job of it.
“The years spent on the Board have been rewarding in the interactions with the other interested and committed Board members. I will try to continue these relationships when I attend Board meetings as an interested citizen.”

2 seats now open on Board

Mr. Flanigan represents Sub-District 8, the Kapunahala area. His resignation creates the second vacancy on the 17-member Board. The other is in Sub-District 12, the Pikoiloa area. The areas are outlined in an online map of Kaneohe Neighborhood District 30. An index showing which streets fall within each subdistrict also is available online. Click on the highlighted links to use these online resources.
The Board is authorized to fill vacancies by appointment. Community members may indicate their interest by contacting Board Chairman Mo Radke or by attending a Board meeting. The Board meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month in the cafeteria of Benjamin Parker Elementary School, 45-259 Waikalua Road.
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Bill Sager said...

John has been a good friend and an active member of the Board. I wish him the best and and Mahalo for his years of service. Bill Sager

Mo the Pro said...

John Flanigan will be sorely missed on the board. Always a great source of common sense and calm. Looking forward to still seeing you at meetings and contributing your mana'o.
Mo Radke, Chair