Friday, March 17, 2017

Here’s An Update On Measures In The Legislature That Would Directly Affect Our Community

Here is an update on the status of legislative bills identified last month by the Governor’s Office as directly affecting Kaneohe. Bills marked as “Crossed Over” have passed committee hearings and third readings in one chamber, and have been referred to the other chamber for possible action.
The list of bills is below. Information about each bill, including the full text, is available on the Legislature’s website at
Capital Improvement Plan: House Bill 820, HB 1221, Senate Bill 1231.
Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery: HB 168 Crossed Over.
Sale of HHFDC Leasehold Condos & Single Family Lots: SB 903, HB 1037, Senate Concurrent Resolution 28, House Concurrent Resolution 22.
Budget Excerpts: HB 100, SB 192. Excerpt involves improvement of a roadway junction at H-1 toward Marine Corps Base Hawaii -- Crossed Over as part of HB 100.
Transfer of Kaneohe Elementary School Property: HB 116 Crossed Over.
Seawall, Boat Ramp & Pier Easements: House Resolution & HB 12, HCR & HB 30, Senate Resolution & SB 9, SR & SB 10, SCR & SB 43, SCR & SB 42.
In addition to this list, Representative Ken Ito’s office brought another bill of local interest to our attention at our March 16 meeting. It is:
State Funding For He’eia National Estuarine Research Reserve: SB 1178. Crossed Over.
In addition to Representative Ito, the Kaneohe area’s legislators are Senator Jill Tokuda and Representative Jarrett Keohokalole.
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