Friday, May 26, 2017

Our May 18 Meeting, In Pictures

Many community members gave thoughtful testimony at our May 18 Board meeting. Here are some images from the meeting, provided by Fred Collins. Find commentary about the meeting by Board Chairman Mo Radke in an earlier post on this blog.
Kaui Pratt-Aquino explained the petition she started in opposition to the proposed Serenity Gardens Cemetery.

Arthur Chun said that a proposed expansion of Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery would allow children of veterans to be buried near their parents.

Trisha Watson of Honua Consulting talked about a 50-acre cultural preserve that is part of a proposed expansion of Hawaiian Memorial Park.

Lilinoe Yong objected to trespassers using residents’ yards to get access to the Haiku Stairs.

Dr. Vernon Ansdell of Friends of Haiku Stairs said a managed access plan could ease neighbors’ concerns and give hikers a way to reach the stairs.

We had a great turnout for the meeting and great support from the staff of Benjamin Parker Elementary School, who kept the cafeteria open late so we could hear from everyone who wanted to speak.

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