Saturday, January 25, 2014

Testify in support of a secure forensic facility at the Windward State Hospital.

Several patients walk away from the Windward State Hospital every year.  Some were a danger to themselves and to society.  Lack of a secure facility to house dangerous forensic patients is unacceptable in the Kaneohe Community.  Please testify in favor of SB2579

If you need help to submit testimony electronically, call the Public Access Room at 587-0478

Hawaii State Hospital; Inpatient Psychiatric Facility; Appropriation
Authorizes the director of finance to issue general obligation bonds for the department of health to develop a secure inpatient psychiatric facility to serve the mentally ill who need stricter security, and inmates and detainees who need a higher level of mental health care.
Secure Facility at Windward State Hospital(S ) 1/24/2014 - The committee(s) on HTH has scheduled a public hearing on 01-27-14 1:30PM in conference room 229.

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